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15414Vice screws ?

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  • Peter Ellison
    Nov 12, 2012
      For some reason large wooden vice screws have always fascinated me so I decided to make one using more or less hand tools.  Minor diameter 2", major diameter 2.5", pitch 1/2" for a 2 threads per inch.

      For background research I have the Fine Woodworking article from the spring of 1977 and the Woodwright's workbook article.  Both use a more or less the same process.  The special tap to make a nut, then use that nut to make a screw box.

      Also as a comparison I have a 1.5" with 6 threads per inch tap so I can compare that with the one I making.

      Progress so far I have made the special nut along with the tap, I have made several large wood nuts, the scraping process is a little slow, but after about a half hour I have a 2" thick ash nut.

      I'm about to attempt the screw box part.  I'll admit to cheating here a little bit I used a power angle grinder and dremel to make the cutter out of M2 tool steel since I'm not able to harden steel.  So the result is a pretty large cutter that is pretty sharp.

      One of the notes from the woodwrights workbook is that making a tap for things over an inch and three quarters might require a second cutter.

      Has anyone attempted this before ?

      Do I need the second cutter or can I get away with one cutter ?

      I don't have access to green wood that I can partially season to make it easier to thread.  The fine woodworking suggests that, but warns that could end up with checked threads.

      As a side note I have tried to manually cut the threads with a chisel, but I think I made a mistake in the pitch, I used the same 1/2" spacing layed out on the major diameter.  So my mental math says this will not work quite right.  I could make it sloppy enough to work but that is a pain to do so I gave up and want to make a screwbox to match the pitch on the nut exactly.


      Peter Petrovitch.
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