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15407Re: Ebay drawknife

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  • Diane
    Nov 11, 2012
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      I just hate it when people ruin a perfectly good tool through ignorance or impatience. A shame. Good luck. Are you a goo sharpener yourself or do you know some one who is a blade maker or cutlerer? They might have some valid suggestions on rehabilitation of the blade.

      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "gavinkilkenny" <dukegavin@...> wrote:
      > I got lucky and won a wetherby draw knife auction at a very modest price.
      > Then it arrived and I got a good look at it... Why would someone grind a tool when they don't know how? The bad job of grinding this blade, done quite recently judging by how bright and shiny the scratches are still, is making it much more difficult to get this sharpened- at least I'm betting it wouldn't have been worse had they not put it to the grinder...
      > It's a slender,almost delicate tool. I expect intended for carving work, more than hogging off a bunch of wood. I've got some projects in mind for it if I can get it tuned up.
      > Oh yeah, whoever ground it also through a back bevel on there. Unevenly and probably more than it ought to be...
      > But, it's a new toy and I will have fun with it.
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