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15396Period Lighting for tents - new pictures from Matthewe Baker

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  • Julian Wilson
    Nov 7, 2012

      Gentles all,
      I have just finished making three replica, hanging Chandeliers after the tiny image showing in a picture from the Tournament Book of Count René of Anjou, King of Sicily, [&c,&c] - this is my take on a decoratively carved version from the DIY Plans originally made by Master Gwillam ap Gwystyl, and on show at Master Terafan's "House Greydragon" website , http://www.greydragon.org/furniture/chandeliers.html
      I've posted the pictures in a new Album titled "Matthewe Baker's Period Lighting for Tents"
      Why three of them?
      Well, the Oak one is intended for a Christmas Present to a High Noble whose tent has a ridgepole from which it can be hung.
      And the other two, which I made from some 200yr.-old salvaged Pine, [which I'd set aside for something worthy of small pieces of truly antique timber]?
      Well, - with my machinery already 'set up' for each Operation to create the Oak one in my Workshop, - it was just as easy to make parts for three wooden Chandeliers as it was to make a “one-off”. More economical of my time that way, and I'm sure there will be folk in Drachenwald who be interested in buying them.
      [I haven't advertised them “For Sale” in my own Kingdom yet, - so  - if you would like one, because you don't have the tools, time, or work-space to make your own, - feel free to make me an offer for one of the Antique Pine versions.]

       Having just added pictures of an Artefact for those of you with tents that have high ridges and enough headroom to hang things from the ridge-pole, I've realised I've never posted pictures of what I made several years back, to give plenty of lighting in our 'hub & spoke' tents, while keeping the live-flame lights well away from where anyone could knock them over by accident.
      Since I've just made another such Artefact - [we named it a "lighting ring"] - for another gentle at his request [he'd seen ours in use at Raglan Ffair  in August just past], I just added those pictures to the same album.
      It's a circle of timber large enough to take eight oil candles [though one could probably set them closer and get ten on there], - with a slot cut into it wide enough to clear the dia. of the centre-pole, closed-off by a hinged flap; the whole sitting on top of your tent-spoke hub.
      Our original had replica-period, shallow-dished and centre-spiked candle-rests - cum wax-catchers. However, a couple of events back, we used, by accident, candles which produced a lot of wax residue, which overflowed onto one of my Lady's dresses, hung below. Never again - she got the wax out, after a lot of work, - and I decided then and there to use Master Terafan's idea of re-cycled small cans  - much deeper to hold a LOT more melted wax; - which receptacles will also take oil-candles if we ever find refillable ones over here in the UK.
      Anyway, this is to let those of You kind enough to be interested in my various Works, - that I'm posting some photos of the two Artefacts this morning, - in a newly created album titled "Matthewe Baker's Period Lighting items" - just as soon as your Moderator passes the images for viewing.
      In Service to The Dream,
       Matthewe Baker

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