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15390Re: [MedievalSawdust] Natural Stain

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  • conradh@efn.org
    Nov 6, 2012
      > Hello everyone, I have a quick question concerning nature stain that I
      > have just made.
      > I have boiled out around 5 gallons of concentrated Black Walnut Stain, now
      > we used hot bathes to steralize and seal the jars, how long can we expect
      > the stain to be stable and useable?
      > Also I noticed that the sludge sits and gets water in it that is creates a
      > stain also, can I re use the sludge to make more or is all the tannins
      > only in the first true cooking of the stain?

      Try it and keep us posted! I've used black walnut to stain wood, and as a
      fabric dye, but we just made it up and used it--never tried to save it.
      Along with the canned stuff, why don't you try drying some, and see if you
      can reconstitute it later? And put some of the pulp from the hulls in the
      freezer, too? It wouldn't take much time, compared to the canning, and
      then you could tell us which ways worked.

      My congratulations on your canning efforts, though. When we did the
      dyemaking here, we boiled the disgusting mess on the kitchen stove.
      Smell, appearance and mess were all unpleasant, and the whole household
      referred to our slowly cooking efforts as "shit soup", without affection.
      They also made pointed references to the way that medieval cities that got
      along without sewers or garbage collection, still zoned the tanneries and
      dye works outside the city walls!

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