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15341A medieval Roubo bookstand

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  • James Daily
    Sep 17, 2012
      Many of you have probably heard of the Roubo bookstand, which was featured on the Woodwright's Shop, Popular Woodworking, and quite a few woodworking blogs.  Here's the Woodwright's Shop episode:

      Although Roubo does not mention any inspiration or prior examples in L’Art du Menuisier, I wondered if the design might not go back further than the late 18th century.  Sure enough, the same single-piece folding design dates back to at least the thirteenth century in Anatolia, part of what is now Turkey.  The medieval design is slightly different in that the stand cradles the book rather than having the book stand up, but it is otherwise the same.  I used this as the basis for my winning entry in a recent SCA arts & sciences competition (the Calontir Queen's Prize Tournament, for those in the SCA).  I uploaded my documentation to Medieval Sawdust's website.  The filename is "A Thirteenth Century Turkish Bookstand."

      -James (aka Edward de Kent)
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