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  • Andrew Lowry
    Apr 3, 2012
      I'm excited to discover the new custom tool from Lee Valley Tools. Their best stuff comes out on 1 April.  This one is to help with manual planing. 

      Being a Canadian Company they care about the environment in the manufacturing "Slump-formed using geothermal steam, the sustainably produced shroud is carefully crafted from select recycled composite material chosen for its clarity, and durability." 

      Next year they come out with the lathe version, "Having perfected the NFTS, our engineers have now turned their focus to other applications of this exciting technology. Watch for our new lathe accessory, the Veritas "Shroud of Turnin", a truly miraculous advancement."


      To find other similar products go to the search feature on the Lee Valley site and type in 'April'

      Oh and watch the video.  You'll smile.


      Richard Larmer
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