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14518Re: [MedievalSawdust] Named medieval furniture

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  • maf@gleichen.ca
    Jun 6, 2011
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      > I imagine many mattresses in poorer homes never made it off of the
      > ground at all. Other mattresses (I'm thinking of cloistered monks and
      > hermits here) may have been on ledges: wooden or stone shelves. I'm
      > not sure when hammocks came into use in European culture, but the
      > framed hammocks with mattresses that were used in age-of-sail vessels
      > were quite comfortable, I understand.
      > --Dunstan M'Lolane

      I read that the first hammocks where brought to Europe from Barbados by
      Christopher Columbas and where not addopted by the British Navy until
      1590 (the canvas sling type became standad in 1597), prior to that they
      used wooden bunks and injuries and fatalities from rolling out of your
      bunk where common in the British Navy.

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