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14487RE: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Tableware

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  • Vels inn Viggladi
    Jun 1, 2011
      > We are Rus with a bent toward Varangian and Byzantine cultural influences. I'm currently waffling on nailing down a time frame because there is so much flexibility if I don't make up my mind. Of course I want to make our stuff out of wood, but I'm not strictly opposed to any other options. Simpler is better.
      > Again, thanks.
      > Yaromir

      If you're rowing toward the Bosporus, check out the Dumbarton Oaks Collection: http://www.doaks.org/museum/collection/byzantine/index.html

      ...Looks like their "Search the Collection" is down. The Dumbarton Oaks museum has a very large collection of table- and serving-ware.
      I have a few pics of various spoons and forks (http://vels.smugmug.com) of a couple serving spoons and a dining set that I rather liked. Details and pretties are details and pretties, but the overall form is where to start. I'm fair certain that DO has dedicated some book space to these, and there are probably other visitor pics out there as well.

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