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137Re: [medievalsawdust] Re: Sneakin' up on period (was: Viking ? Chair)

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  • jrwinkler@msn.com
    Oct 3, 2002
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      >>  Even that requires some compromise, though, because glazes of the
      period used lead to make them smooth and flowing.  I am not willing
      to use lead in my cooking and eating items for the sake of period
      accuracy, so I seek out safer materials that give a similar effect.  -Charlie  <<

      Yer' a wise fella' Charlie!!  ;-)   Every passion must have its meets and bounds...   from a functional point of view this makes good and sane sense...  on the other hand, using proper safety precautions there is nothing from stopping you from perhaps making a few demonstration pieces with the period lead based glaze to gain an the first hand knowledge of what differences (if any) might exist in the quality of finish, workability, etc. between the period version of the glaze and its modern analog.   This is the KNOWLEDGE part...  that I talked about in an earlier post...    
      Your examples illustrate what I was trying to say very well...  one standard of authenticity in one context... a different one for the other.   Different approaches for different goals yet both based in an inherent understanding of what IS correct and then making conscious decisions of where and how to deviate from that standard.
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