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133Re: [medievalsawdust] Sneakin' up on period (was: Viking ? Chair)

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  • jrwinkler@msn.com
    Oct 3, 2002
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      Avery wrote: "True, but I think there is another level in there.  There is a true period
      reproduction with all that implies, but there is also a level of
      reproduction that isn't absolutely period, but would require disassembly of
      the piece, chemical analysis or the like to prove it."
      Absolutely...  this is where I use the term "Period Informed"...  i.e.: It looks like a duck, kinda' walks like a duck but cackles like a chicken.  ;-)   In many cases, even having the original in your hands doesn't provide ALL the information you'd need to write the definitive "everything you ever wanted to know" paper on the piece... AND... just because you might get all the info on one piece... it doesn't mean they didn't change something the next time around!  As Avery is implies... no matter how deep ya' dig there is, in all probability, SOMETHING you're never gonna' know about any particular piece and will have to make an educated guess about.
      I guess a good question would be...  in the woodworking world... what actually defines a piece as being "appropriately" period?  Construction techniques, choice of materials, proportions, the right nails or glue???   Does using hand saws make a piece more period than using your Craftsman table saw?   Does the set (or lack thereof) of the tooth on the handsaw have a bearing?   Do we need to set up a saw pit in the back yard... (NO AVERY... I AIN'T DIGGIN' A PIT!!!!) so that we can cut the logs with the appropriate grain???  
      How period is "period" and what defines it?
      Just askin...
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