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  • marc adkins
    Jan 2, 2004
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      > > Lord Wilhelm von Winkleried
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      Wonderful!!! (that's good to hear, they're usually so high on their

      So,I'm not saying the place is 'bad'  just that when ya get to
      looking at their assorted axes and adz (s) etc. ya kinda go into
      heart failure at the idea of spending that kind-of money.
      One of thier broad axes is what I'm looking at getting next.
      I'm not really a joiner of cabnetmaker yet. I'm mainly looking into dropping a tree and turning it into basic simple items needed for medieval life. currently trying to turn a seasoned black locust trunk into a shaving horse. I have to buck it right now kinda procrastinating on it right now and enjoying the semester break.

      I don't know where ya live, but the store itself is a delight,
      especially up-stairs. (where the books, etc. are) I haven't been for
      awhile,.....but now that the holidays are past, It might be a good
      destination for our next venture into the Big City to go 'Shopping'
      I Live in Central Oklahoma. However I might be Making it to atlanta Georgia this summer to attend a professionnal conference. Unfortunately my expenses there will not include tools.

      .  It was
      something of an artistic community back during the 70s.  Elton John
      has a house a bit up the street, or still did, last I heard.
      Sounds like an intresting place, maybe I'll make it come summer
      Marc Adkins
      Ld. Wilhelm von Winkleried

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