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132RE: [medievalsawdust] Sneakin' up on period (was: Viking ? Chair)

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  • Avery
    Oct 3, 2002
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      Charles said:
      >I like to be "close to authentic" to a point... but, for example, I rarely
      use period woods... primarily because the stuff I build is intended for
      fairly regular use. Good ol' #2 common pine is lighter (makes the truck
      happy) and cheaper (makes the wife happy) that other materials... and if it
      gets dinged up I feel less upset about it than if it were European Walnut or
      some period species of oak...

      There was a point where I would have agreed with this. Then one day I
      needed a fairly wide piece of knot free pine. Great googly moogly! My
      choices were this weird composite stuff - like oversized butcher block - and
      paying though the nose. Since then I've kind of leaned towards white oak
      for my SCA furniture needs. While a board foot of white oak weighs more
      than a board foot of pine, I can get by with thinner material, so the weight
      of the project isn't too much more. More importantly, it's much more
      durable than pine, so it doesn't ding with nearly the vigor pine does.

      >to truly "get period", in my opinion, you'd have to use period tools on
      period woods with period fastenings/adhesives and period finishes... etc.,
      etc., etc.

      True, but I think there is another level in there. There is a true period
      reproduction with all that implies, but there is also a level of
      reproduction that isn't absolutely period, but would require disassembly of
      the piece, chemical analysis or the like to prove it.

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