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13186Tressel table - Low budget table making note

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  • erik_mage
    Oct 1, 2010
      I will post some photos of my big table under Dragonwyck. Not three legged.
      this is a letter a wrote a friend.
      You are making a table far too exacting for the period.
      Let me give you some advice that may make you happier in construction and finishing.
      First off in the old world few saw cuts where ever made as straight as a planer or jointer. The plank was often just scraped down with hand scrapers leaving an undjulated surface. Some of my customers perfer this look.

      Though I have a planer ,on very large tables I don't use it .

      By taking a 4 1/2 " angle grinder (dewalt $60) I install a resin backed sanding disc about 36 grit. This will take off any amount of fuzzy saw cut off of your board. Leaving a rather coarse but well dressed surface. With a little practice you can smooth out a variety of cuts, scratches, or dings.
      Don't worry if there are a few grinder gouges the next step will soften them right out.
      Change the resin disc to a flap disc. The flap disk costs about $7 but it lasts a long time. choose a 40 grit or 50 grit. This type of disc will take a few minutes to break-in . The wood fibers will start to fill the grit and the edges of the flaaps will soften. THEN you will have the coolest tool in your arsenal. This pad will take out all of the surface scratches and leave a polished surface . Follow the slight contures left from the first step. Often the wood grain may burn slightly, try hitting it from different angles or very light pressure. I like the slight color this step may cause. finer grits will burn more than coarse grit.
      You will have a polished piece of wood now. AND FAST!!!

      No more need for fancy tools when you are done it looks like everything was done with rough hand tools. It helps to throw in a few chisle marks.
      Give it a try you will save a lot of money on wood work.