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  • windsingersmoon
    Jan 2, 2004
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      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "marc adkins"
      <Winkleried@o...> wrote:
      > Actually I Have two of Highland Hardware's Spokeshaves that I
      think I paid around Twenty Dollars apiece for.
      > Use them to turn down hardwood walking sticks and quarterstaves.
      Haven't had a problem outta both of them
      > Lord Wilhelm von Winkleried
      > ****************************************************

      Wonderful!!! (that's good to hear, they're usually so high on their

      I really hadn't looked at their spokeshaves, as I already had
      The older ones being my favorites.
      The best deal I got from them was a set of Sheffield scrapers for
      under/around, 15$. (and my Japanese razor saw, which I absolutely
      Swear by, and refuse to use any other kind! It will easily rip
      lumber with one side, or go through a Pt 4x4 like butter !!!)
      I also got a few unique 'stamps' for specialized work, but blew my
      largest drop on them for a set of round-ended carving gouges (around
      140$) and misc, Flex-cut tools. They also offer (at least in-
      store) a 10 or 20% discount on all wood-working books)

      So,I'm not saying the place is 'bad' just that when ya get to
      looking at their assorted axes and adz (s) etc. ya kinda go into
      heart failure at the idea of spending that kind-of money.

      I don't know where ya live, but the store itself is a delight,
      especially up-stairs. (where the books, etc. are) I haven't been for
      awhile,.....but now that the holidays are past, It might be a good
      destination for our next venture into the Big City to go 'Shopping'
      (The parking situation in that area is a pure nightmare during the
      holidays. The store has a parking lot, but general and shopping
      traffic is a horror as most other parking is on the street, and all
      traffic inches. Lovely area to shop in in the spring,...all kinds
      of unique shops on either side of the road, and cafe's. It was
      something of an artistic community back during the 70s. Elton John
      has a house a bit up the street, or still did, last I heard.
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