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  • C N Schwartz
    Jan 1, 2004
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      One other thing. Modern metal spokeshave and old style wooden ones cut
      differently because of the blade angle. The metal ones (like Record) are
      essentially planes, while the old style one slice like a drawknife. You get
      the same effect on the end product, so choice is a personal preference. But
      let's say you want to get a modern style metal one (modern meaning 19th
      Century....), then get the Record one with adjustable blades, they are
      cheap. The Kunz ones are horribly made, rough castings, inferior lever

      Old style, but modern construction is Veritas:

      Modern style Record (blue)

      Those are $50 or less. Next step up is $100 or more. THAT's another

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      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, Conal O'hAirt Jim Hart
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      > Anyone found a maker of spokehsaves
      > that is quality and reasonable? Or
      > knows of a brand to avoid like the
      > plague?
      > I'm leaning towards Highland Hardware or Lee
      > Valley as a source....
      > Baron Conal O'hAirt / Jim Hart
      > Seneschal, Barony of Fenix

      My Good Baron Conal.
      Im not sure if they have a store near you.
      But I would like to reccomend www.woodcraft.com

      Alessandro d'Este,
      Barony of Sternfeld

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