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13006Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re: You sewed a "GP Medium" on a domestic machine? - was SCA sewing, and other skills,

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  • julian wilson
    Aug 2, 2010
      My lady Joceannora,
      thank you for your reply. Just in case any members of the SCA are reading this List - and I'm sure that some do, - I am too old too learn the Society's fighting style, and therefore will never be KSCA, and do not merit the Title "SIR" - though I do most sincerely appreciate your courtoisie in making the assumption. You do me too much honour..
      In service to the Current Middle Ages, and given under my hand at the Manor of St. Germayns in the Anglo-Norman Isle of Jersey
      Lord Matthewe Baker,
       a humble veteran.

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      From: joceannora <joceannora@...>
      Subject: [MedievalSawdust] Re: You sewed a "GP Medium" on a domestic machine? - was SCA sewing, and other skills,
      To: medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, 2 August, 2010, 6:10

      Goode Sir Baker,

      Yes to both, in fact, two helpers and a large gravity table. But it is in pieces. The canvas a 13 oz. and it's 12ft x 20ft. The walls are free hanging and reach from one side of the doorway around the short side to the doorway on the other side. So the flat-felled seams were just putting each color piece onto the wall which grew longer as each piece was added, the pieces went through the throat, not the whole wall. The top was the most trouble fitting through with it complex angle joins.

      We learned as the years passed. The pole gromets were replaced with stronger leather fittings, the walls needed ties to attach to the top (done with stitching reinforced d-rings onto the top every several feet). The household refuses to retire it. They too much like the way it glows from the giant hanging candelabra which lights it in the darkness of night.

      I will never embark on making another unless I become feeble in my old age.

      Thank you, I'm impressed we blew your hat off! I almost couldn't hear your praise over the sound of my own awsomeness! 8]


      > Gentle Lady Joceannora,
      >  that must have been a real struggle - it looks to be about the size of what the US Military call a "GP Medium". I have an ex-British-military [NAAFI] one of 14oz. canvas, which is 14ft x 22ft footprint,  -  it must be all of 40 years old now.  Having had experience sewing large Sails in my late teens and early 20's,  - I'd hate to have to try sewing anything that large without the use of a Sail Loft, a "helper", - and some form of "gravity table" infeed and outfeed.
      > My hat's off to you and your Lord, my Lady.
      > I've not had the opportunity to drive too many of what you call "pickuyps" and ther Aussies call "Utes". Until recently, that vehicle-type didn't have substantial popularity in the |UK.
      > In service to the Current Middle Ages,
      >  Matthewe Baker,
      >  West Dragonshire, Drachenwald

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