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12733Please review: Trestle design

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  • powell.sean@comcast.net
    Jun 10, 2010
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       Hopefully I get the pictures attached correctly. I need to build 2 pairs of trestles before Pennsic. The taller for kitchen prep and the lower for a table. The taller will be 36" high (plus plank thickness) with a second layer of planks on a low stretcher for holding boxes of cooking gear. (there is some documentation for this on Karen Larsdattirs site but only 1 or 2 examples). Construction will be from 5/4x4 pine for legs and lower stretcher but 3 pieces of laminated 1x4 for the upper rail. Wedges on the lower stretcher should keep the legs from seperating enough for the top rail to slip out if someone lifts by the wrong location (always a problem with break apart furniture) but if not there is a backup plan for pegging the legs in place.

       Front legs are 1/4" off golden ratio for width to height depending if you loo parallel to the ground or perpendiculat to the face. The legs are at 3/12 slope (14.9 something degrees) side to side and 2/12 front to back (9.8 something degrees)

       I'd like opinions on how the ratio looks compared to medieval manuscripts etc. Also if you see anything stupid that I missed or somethng I added that I shouldn't have please speak up.



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