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12238Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re:New Tape measure from Lee Valley!

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  • Alex Haugland
    Apr 2, 2010
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      I was a little disappointed in this year's April Fool's day tool (especially compared to the more wacky stuff they've come up with in the past)...  I actually have and use a tape measure much like one of these on a regular basis...  Mine is made by Fastcap and came from Woodcraft.  here's the link:


      The surface is designed to be written on with pencil and the tape measure has a built in pencil sharpener which is extremely convenient.  It's by far my favourite tape measure in the shop and house, primarily for its story-stick properties...

      --Alysaundre Weldon d'Ath
      Barony of Adiantum, An Tir

      Siegfried wrote:

      Yeah, except this year, it's a real product.

      Actually seems like kind of a cool idea too. IF


      You could use some kind of temp marker on it (whiteboard markers
      perhaps?) ... that could be wiped off when done.

      I could see setting up to make a bunch of X ... and just saying out the
      story-board of them on that tape, instead of a stick (like I do now), or
      remembering 3 sets of numbers (which eventually get mungled and turn
      into one wrong cut - grrr)

      Granted, you could do the same w/ a regular tape and a marker. But
      feels 'wrong' to write on your already marked tape :)


      On 4/1/10 11:43 AM, Helen Schultz wrote:
      > I thought this one was from 2005?? That is how I read the caption.
      > Still, they do have wonderful April Fool's Tools <grin>.
      > ~~ Katarina Helene

      Barun Siegfried Sebastian Faust - Barony of Highland Foorde - Atlantia
      http://hf.atlantia. sca.org/ - http://crossbows. biz/ - http://eliw. com/

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