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12027Woodworking at Estrella War

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  • John LaTorre
    Dec 5, 2009
      Greetings, all!

      The Old German Woodshop will return to Estrella War this year. I'll be
      in the Period Demo area. I'll be working on three projects: a
      collapsible stool, a rebec, and some six-board chests.

      Regarding the latter, HRL Wolfgang and I ll also be teaching a class on
      making these chests (which also serve as stools). It will be a hands-o
      class, and the student will have a finished chest to take home with him
      or her. (Finished as in joinery completed; you'll have to the apply the
      varnish or oil or milk paint or whatever yourself when you get home.)

      I'm buying materials for six students. If a larger number than that
      actually make contact with me to tell me they're interested in taking
      the class, I'll buy more, because I don't want to disappoint anybody.
      But you have to let me know, or otherwise take your chances. Please
      email me off-list if you're interested. The class is tentatively
      scheduled for Friday, from one to six, but if you can't be there but
      still want to take the class, let me know (again off-list) and we'll
      work something out.

      I'll also be teaching a class on using and sharpening scrapers. I'll be
      teaching this class twice, on Thursday and Saturday.

      Finally, I'll be repeating the "Toward a (More) Period Encampment" I've
      taught at Estrella and Pennsic Wars in the past. If anybody wants to
      help me teach this (Hey, Terafan, I'm talkin' to YOU), please let me know.

      --Freiherr Johann von Drachenfels
      Kingdom of the West
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