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11923Oversized tool boxes ( was Mastermyr chest)

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  • conradh@efn.org
    Oct 20, 2009
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      On Mon, October 19, 2009 2:09 pm, Eric wrote:
      > All of my random Viking 6 board chests have "legs" from the end boards
      > extending below the bottom board like the Mastermyr. To pick them up, I
      > just reach around the front and back and grab the bottom, it works well
      > even with the Mastermyr fully loaded with tools, currently about 55
      > pounds.
      > Along that line, if you are planning on using the chest as a tool box,
      > the original Mastermyr is surprisingly well sized, I would not scale it
      > up at all. It holds full size hand saws and all sorts of other tools.
      > If the chest was any bigger, it could get unwieldy as it got loaded up
      > with heavy stuff. The hollowed lid really makes a difference, it
      > lightens the empty box and lets you load the box with funny shaped items
      > that wouldn't fit otherwise.
      Eirikr is quite right on this one--I've had a weakness all my life for
      building boxes that were too large, and then of course filling them.
      Somehow, though, they seem heavier than they did thirty years ago...

      I'm trying to reform. I'm going to try to hold my new iron chest for
      smithy tools at events to under 100 lbs. And if that doesn't work, I'll
      go metric and try to keep it under fifty kilos.

      Long enough for a handsaw is a good dimension, so many mundane boxes can't
      manage that. But if you go for a box that long, it's good to give up on
      the idea of making it tall enough for a stool or sawing support! Try to
      include all those functions, and it gets tippy. So you make it deeper
      front to back...

      I also try to remember that "bursten" (severe hernia) was a fairly common
      cause of death for workers in the old Mortality Bills.

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