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11781Fw: Stunning new exhibition at Dover Castle includes painted replica-furniture

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  • julian wilson
    Aug 1, 2009

      --- On Sat, 1/8/09, julian wilson <smnco37@...> wrote:

      Gentles all,
       So here, FYI, - info and pictures Dover Castle's new exhibition.

      From the pictures available at the BBC website, this new exhibition really looks worth a visit. I'm so interested, I'd even come over from "old" Jersey just to see it.
      If we assume that English Heritage did sufficient supporting research - [at a depth that most of us cannot even contemplate due to the expense involved] - before spending all that money on re-creating those interiors - then, if we take the presentation as accurate - the whole meticulously-researched 12Century design ethos they are exhibiting  - may overturn some of our ideas about the way in which we finish our period-encampment equipment - especially painting our replica furniture, - and decorate our Feasthalls at events.
       Matthew Baker

      Great Tower interior  
      In pictures: Dover castle

      The opulent interiors of King Henry II's Dover Castle have been recreated by English Heritage in a £2.45m project lasting two years.

      The Kent castle's Great Tower has been brought back to life with almost psychedelic colour and drama, its restorers said. It reopens on Saturday.

      It follows extensive research by a team of historians who worked closely with artists and craftspeople.

      English Heritage said the castle had been a palace of "Versace-esque bling".

      It is thought that King Henry II built the Great Tower to assert his power at a time when the shrine to Thomas Becket at Canterbury was becoming increasingly popular, and Dover had become an important focus for pilgrimage.

      The Archbishop was murdered by followers of the king in 1170.

      Following Becket's death, the French king Louis VII made a pilgrimage to Canterbury in 1179.

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