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11647Re: [MedievalSawdust] Re: Are Holdfasts period? (i.e. pre-17th century?)

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  • Alex Haugland
    Jun 7, 2009
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      That is an interesting image and thank you very much for sharing it!
      I'd agree that there is some ambiguity in the image and Conal does bring
      up a good alternative interpretation. I suspect also that he may be
      right as there is no clear extension of the holdfast below the surface
      of the sawhorse. It does add another tool to my list of medieval tools
      however, so I still thank you for that!


      paul wrote:
      > I just posted a picture to the file section taken from the book Hommes
      > et Metires dans L'art: Du XII au XVII siecle en Europe centrale by
      > Vaclav Husa published in 1967 by GRUND. showing two carpenters working
      > on a board being led with holdfasts. The book identifies the image as
      > "Charpentiers sur un chantier. Biblia Wenceslai Regis. 1389-1400.
      > Bibliotheque national, Vienne (350x236mm). Bibl. 1, No 83; 21; 58, pp
      > 78-80; 109; 124; 137. Photo M. Veverka."
      > I found the book a couple of years ago in Montreal, it is in French and
      > I don't speak or read French but I had to get the book as it is all
      > about images of working people in all kinds of tasks. with large
      > sections devoted to agriculture and animal husbandry, weaving, metal
      > work, woodworking , the building trades, book production, mining and
      > coin making.
      > Iain Qwhewyl
      > Castlemere, Trimaris
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