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11633Re: Are Holdfasts period? (i.e. pre-17th century?)

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  • barondevin@comcast.net
    Jun 6, 2009
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      >Yes, I can work without too much in the way of work holding, but as all
      >the mortising in planemaking is at angles, that doesn't work as well as
      >the work piece continually slides along the bench.

      The practice that I'm aware of that supposedly dates back to Roman times is to place the piece between two pegs or bench dogs and then drive a wedge between one of the pegs and the piece.

      This page http://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/ has several engravings from 1600 or before near the bottom of the page that would seem to suggest suggest that they were not period.


      Did you know that in 1970, the Procrastinators' Club of America demanded a refund for the Liberty Bell from England's White Chapel Foundry because it had cracked in 1835?
      White Chapel responded with an offer of a full refund - provided that the item could be returned in its original packaging.
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