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11538OT; Was Nazi.. then wooden crates.... then Zipcode... then...

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  • chris carpenter
    May 9, 2009
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      LOL, and I got yelled at when I felt periodicy and documantation nazi'ism IS topical for an SCA group, ANY SCA group, yet it gets worse!  I personally have no problem with any topic as long as people are civil.  Pop and crawdad names are definitely not... well, I still don't mind them.

      Here is a suggestion for those who don't want their boat rocked and want to stay in their rut.... er grove of not venturing into unchecked waters of non topic subjects. 

      Set your list to DIGEST, and we will all try to put in... if not an OT, at least a clear header as to what the topic is so you can just skim over it in the digest.  Takes me all of 2 seconds to do this and I am on 22 lists.  I get everything I am interested in without venturing into censoring what other people find as interesting social interaction. (and I might add, whining about not being topical pollutes the site as much as the non topical posts do, moreso because NOBODY wants to see those)

      I might add another suggestion to those who like to simply quip or chime in nothing. It would be much appreciated for you to have a real comment with some substance instead of an "I agree"or "YOU ROCK"  tagged onto the entire thread of 2-9 posts on the end.  Please trim the prior posts to only include the relevant sections of said prior posts to your comment. 

      To not do so is lazy and inconsiderate to those of us who have digests, sometimes its really hard to discern what is vague comment and what is prior post unless there is a meaningful paragraph to read.

      Donat0 del Giardinier, Proprietor Rifugio Del Bacchus.