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11413Re: "Nazi" - Insulting in the extreme

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  • cuvien1438
    May 3, 2009
      Come on folk,


      Lord Wilson is right in this matter. Perhaps a bit too polite to say you are all being silly on this point.

      I'm new, o.k., so I don't carry any of the baggage many of you must. So, for whatever it's worth. My opinion is simply that the term is meant for most as a way of describing someone who is not just period, but is so enamored with accuracy that they miss the more important point of having FUN.

      It's nothing more complicated than that. At least not for me. And I might even Hit The Shift Button When I Type The Word Nazi. If that's too much for some of you then perhaps something drastic should be done. Maybe pitchforks or torches, or maybe pitchforks AND torches! That's period isn't it?



      P.S. Maybe you folk should have been warning me that I can't finish a tenon with a chisel. If you had, maybe I wouldn't have a bed rail with a tenon that is all "nazi-ed" up!

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