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  • tenbroek2008
    Feb 19, 2009
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      Good Day,
      I have posted a picture of a tapestry in a album titled Cibella.
      I am a weaver and would like to recreate the boxloom on the lap of the
      woman in the left of the picture. My skills and knowledge in wood
      working are very limited (read NONE).

      Could any of you provide me with the type of wood that would have been
      used in period and a source for documentation?

      I am also unsure of the type of joins this type of item would have.
      From the little I have read it seems that nails, dovetails or simple
      butted ends with glue were used during this time frame.

      I would like to enter this as an A&S entry so documentation is very
      important. I also plan to use this loom to weave on so durability as
      well as weight are something I need to consider.

      Thank you in advance for your help

      Cibella Monmouth
      mka Barbara tenBroek
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