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  • Dave Ordway
    Dec 2, 2008
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      I made a pair of Glastonbury style chairs out of 1x pine.  I chose this material for the cost effectiveness and for the reason that it was a new design attempt for me.  They have been going strong for a few years now and have been to many demos and festivals over the years.  As these were a prototype, I am waiting for them to become unusable before rebuilding out of a more expensive hardwood.  It appears that I may have some more time to wait.
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      I also made one of my first folding "X" Dantesca chairs out of pine with leather seat and back and that was over five years ago. It has been all over the east coast to multiple events and is still in very good shape and it was inexpensive to make compared to some of my walnut or oak examples.

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      When I set out to make a couple of the German Faeldstools (x-chairs)
      from the Oakley plans, I made the first 2 out of clear 1x pine. I
      followed those up with some made of oak. The pine versions use 1/4"
      steel rod for the hinges, I didn't want to weaken the boards with
      bigger holes and 1/4" dowel didn't seem strong enough. All of them
      are still in great condition, the pine ones are holding up just fine.


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      > My Lord......I beg to differ.
      > I make "X" chairs and sell them at events. Now....by "X" chair I
      mean that the pieces literally form an "X". Perhaps an "X" seat is
      more descriptive. ..
      > But no matter what wood you use, it will get dinged up as it is
      pitched into the back of a minivan, SUV, or trailer or as armor,
      tentpoles, and other equipment is tossed in on top of it.
      > AlbionWood <albionwood@ ...> wrote:
      > +1 to what John LaTorre said.
      > You can get away with pine for a bed, but I would never recommend
      it for an X-frame chair.
      > Cheers,
      > Tim

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