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10550Re: Mitre Saw Stand

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  • Chas
    Sep 2, 2008
      I recently purchased a Rigid Dual compaound 12" Miter saw and the
      MSUV from my local Homeless Despot adn while I'm happy with teh saw
      the Stand is another story. It is also quite different than the one
      Logan has linked to.


      Specifically I'm not happy with the stability of the stand itself and
      the extensions are even worse. The legs drop down fine but the spring
      loaded pin that releases the leg to rotate back in was broken upon it
      arrival to me. As if someone had bought it, broken it, packed it back
      up and returned it? I called Riogid and got replacement parts but
      upon disassembly found I need more parts than what they sent me. So
      for now it's not fixed. I also feel that the stand weighs more than
      the saw and that makes this less than portable. It's nice to be able
      to break it down to store it but setting it up for one or two cuts
      seems a hassle right now. I was sold on features at the store but
      disappointed on the actuality of the stand once I got it home. For
      the money I'll make it work. I also did not get the rebate as I had
      to send the recipt in to get the replacement parts under warranty and
      it took close to 3 months to get them. Overall I love the saw and
      I'll make the stand work.

      Valentine Lyme

      (amateur wood butcher)

      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, "logan" <logan@...> wrote:
      > i currently use the ridgid stand and have nothing but good things
      to say
      > about it. the deadmen on either side extend and allow me to
      support 12'
      > boards (cutting near the center of the board). it folds down with
      > simple lever pulls and it is very lightweight. it has, i think,
      the largest
      > wheels on the market which makes rough terrain or stairs a piece of
      cake as
      > well. this is one i use currently:
      > http://www.ridgid.com/Tools/Miter-Saw-Utility-Vehicle/EN/index.htm
      > regards
      > logan
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      > Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 5:44 AM
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      > Subject: Re: [MedievalSawdust] Mitre Saw Stand
      > If you want a foldup & fit in a car type of stand, I'd go for the
      > current Bosch stand, which is just slightly better than the Dewalt.
      > Both telescope their extension wings inside the main box girder, I
      > think the Bosch is neater, and the Bosch comes with wheels as well
      > a carry handle, the Dewalt is carry only. The Bosch has a slightly
      > better quick attachment system for the saw and it has a system for
      > setting repeat cutoff lengths standard in the box. As you may guess
      > have been in the market for such a stand & spent the best part of a
      > day at a wood 'show' looking at saw stands - only the Bosch &
      > were standouts, the Makita came in 3rd. No one was showing the HTC
      > saw stand, which looks nice on the 'net, but I didn't get to play
      with one.
      > Most of the others were knockoffs of the older Makita stand or the
      > HTC and were generally of inferior materials & construction.
      > As I'm not currently travelling with my saw, I ended up building a
      > wide cabinet base full of drawers with casters - this keeps
      > everything out of the water that occasionally flows thru' the shop,
      > the saw 'stores' on top, I have room in a drawer for my
      > planer/thicknesser plus room for a bunch of portable tools in the
      > other drawers. As yet I have not made & fitted the folding 'wings'
      > with cutoff stops - one day ;-) I'm still thinking of getting a
      > portable stand so I can set up outside when it suits me.
      > regards
      > Brusi of Orkney
      > Rowany/Lochac
      > Sydney Australia
      > At 03:16 AM 31/08/2008, you wrote:
      > >Can anyone recommend a sturdy, not-tipping stand for a mitre saw?
      > >
      > >Thanks!
      > >
      > >
      > >Caley
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