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10503Re: [MedievalSawdust] Question about re-printed book on church chests

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  • Keith Dombrowski
    Aug 18, 2008
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      I don't have the new one, but I do have the original. If someone with
      the new one is going to be at Barleycorn in Sept, we can do a comparison.


      Rhys Terafan Greydragon wrote:
      > Greetings all,
      > I ran across a 1929 book (that someone else was buying) on
      > "Ancient Church Chests and Chairs, in the Home Counties round Greater
      > London."
      > Doing a search for it, I find a newly reprinted paperback titled
      > "Ancient Church Chests and Chairs In Middlesex, Hertforshire, Essex,
      > Kent, and Surrey" They claim it is the same book but I am *curious
      > as to the number and quality of the photographs and drawings (in the
      > new book)...*
      > **
      > Does anyone have the new book?
      > If so, what is the quality of the drawings and pictures?
      > Anyone have both and can give an honest comparison??
      > cheers,
      > * Terafan*
      > Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon terafan@...
      > Brewer, Tent and Furniture maker, and other things I can't remember...
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