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  • Omer
    Sep 28, 2003
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          Just joined your list as you can tell.  I am not in the SCA but a few years ahead of most.  I am a member of the COHT an 18th century group.  When I lived in Calf. I was in the SCA but when I moved back to Ga. found that people do not camp at events.  Because I love camping and the night life of an event I have not joined here.   I have found no groups / clubs in my time period that centers on the old ways of woodworking.  What little I know I have had to learn myself and from Mr. Underhills books. 
          I have many tools and little time to use or lean to use them, this will be changing soon.  I have built a springpole lathe and have drawn up plans for building a portable wheel lathe.  For trade or sale I build tresel tables, tops, inkle looms and mauls or clubs (so easy to make on the spot and visitors will buy them left and right) .  Our group here is about to start, if the Gov. will get out of the way, to rebuild an 18th century fort that used to stand in this area.  A great fun project but a  little scary.     
          Any one on this list in N. Ga.?
          Omer, AKA Tavern
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