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  • jeffnstasia
    Hi MedRenMusic friends! I would like to invite anyone interested specifically in recorders or recorder music to stop by the RecorderFriends group here at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
      Hi MedRenMusic friends!

      I would like to invite anyone interested specifically in recorders or
      recorder music to stop by the "RecorderFriends" group here at
      Yahoo! Groups. We would very much appreciate your input from
      the Renaissance-period perspective!

      It is a group where everyone (especially beginners) can feel
      comfortable about asking any type of question relating to
      recorders or their music, as well as a place to have friendly
      discussions about a wide range of topics.

      There is a very helpful, *extensive* list of bookmarks (web links)
      at the site, to help you find recorders, music, or online or live
      instruction. We'll will continue to keep adding to those links in the
      coming days.

      I'd like to invite you to join if you are interested! Your comments
      and participation would be very welcome. And please, spread
      the word to your musical friends, so that the group will grow! Just
      copy the signature at the end of this message, and tack it on to
      all of your outgoing e-mails!

      If possible, please print out the URL and post it at your favorite
      music shop, the local library or grocery store, or any other place
      you can think of, so that we can reach out to those who are
      curious about learning to play the recorder.

      The URL for the group is:


      And the informational webpage is:


      Here is the description of the the group:

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      RecorderFriends is a welcoming place for those interested in
      the recorder (flauto dolce):

      * Listening to it (live or recorded)
      * Playing (or learning to play) it
      * Collecting or learning about instruments

      All aspects may be discussed in this friendly and helpful

      Discussion of other instruments and music is welcome also.

      Beginner to pro, kids through adults, Baroque to jazz, on plastic
      or wood - let's learn through sharing in a supportive

      Fun contests are planned!

      Extensive recorder links are in our BOOKMARKS section. Feel
      free to upload photos of your instruments or group to our
      PHOTOS section, or add your compositions to our FILES.

      No rudeness, sarcasm, or flaming allowed; please respect the
      opinions of others at all times. We are here to help one another!

      Please come in and introduce yourself!
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      I hope you'll join in the discussion!

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      Join RecorderFriends
      A new discussion group for those interested in the recorder
      (flauto dolce) and its music - beginners welcome!
      Or, for non-Yahoo! users,
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