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Re: Dutch Urban Archaeology exhibition: some pics

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  • Marc Carlson
    ... I was afraid you might say that :) ... Thank you for the translation (if forced to i can translate most languges using Roman characters, but I d rather not
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 22, 2004
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      --- In medieval-leather@yahoogroups.com, "Bertus Brokamp"
      <bertbrok@d...> wrote:
      > I think the three long iron pointy pieces of iron in
      > http://www.bertbrok.dds.nl/rmo-leather/PC150052.JPG
      > are supossed to be the awls.

      I was afraid you might say that :)

      > ...Statensquare), because this is where it originates from, a number
      > of these small iron rhomboidal rods. These are leatherneedles or
      > awls, which were used by leather workers to prick holes in leather.
      > Round holes are useless because the leather will then close again.
      > So it is a mould to cast nine awls per time with. From the
      > archeological context it can be dated to the 14th c.
      > So there's you answer.
      > I think they are a bit too large to be awls but who am I ;)

      Thank you for the translation (if forced to i can translate most
      languges using Roman characters, but I'd rather not if I don't have
      to). Mmm, large... maybe. They might be awl blades - although I
      have some other questions for the expert before I'd just dive in and
      say they are awl blades (like are there local 14th century examples of
      leather with a triangular holes? (And who told him that a round awl
      blade is useless? 'cause they wrong).

      Don't ever be reluctant to question interpretations. Skepticism is a
      good thing. It's only unwillingness to be convinced that is a problem :)

      > By the way, there are some more interesting things on that website
      > of what they excavated in Dordrecht.
      > What do you think of this one for example:
      > http://cms.dordrecht.nl/dordt?nav=joxeIsHaKnPTotbBrtbBjBIHA

      Very pretty. The narrowness might be a problem, but judging from the
      fact that it looks like we're missing a good sized wedge out of the
      one side, I'm not positive (copy the picture, cut it out and try
      taping the side seams together and you'll see what I mean. The bend
      to the left in the shoe may be there, or it may be missing even more
      of the side, but at the very least there is a roughly triangular piece
      from the upper half of the side seam to the vamp throat that isn't
      there. I'll need to take a look at Goubitz's stuff since I think this
      one may be depicted there (or it's one that looks something like it).

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