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  • rmhowe
    I received the $60 money order from Marc yesterday. Karin Howell will get a check from me for that amount sent to her on Monday. Karin Howell (only has a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2003
      I received the $60 money order from Marc yesterday.

      Karin Howell will get a check from me for that
      amount sent to her on Monday.

      Karin Howell (only has a younger sister left of all her family) &
      David Howell (his brother, last remaining Howell family member.)
      996 Dorset Road
      Powhatan, VA 23139

      James had no insurance and was only age 42 at the time of his
      death. His mother had died the previous November. This leaves
      only his wife and brother to pay the debts for two funerals and
      all his things are being sold, including his knives, books, and
      tools. Contributions from any quarter are appreciated. My wife
      and I both sent checks soon after we heard he'd died.
      He was a friend to every member of this list since its inception.

      In addition, for my part, I am trying to coordinate a final
      project of Finnr's/James' which he wrote to me about doing in a
      positive vein. He was attempting to emulate my success in getting
      useful works reprinted for his fellow reenactors -as a service-.
      He had been selling them himself successfully and was intrigued
      with the idea of doing it too.

      I found the email four days after he died so I only know what he
      had to say in it, and a little he had discussed with Jack Thompson
      about it, which was positive but brief.

      He was trying to coordinate the reprinting of the scarce 1985
      book by Arthur MacGregor on Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn, which
      is considered to be the bible of historical methods in those materials.
      I have arranged to buy the copy from James' library for a fair price
      and sent the check already so we will have one for reprinting from.
      James expected his to be used as he said MacGregor only had one copy
      for himself.

      The -Problem- is, I don't have MacGregor's email/real address yet.
      James had apparently initiated some dialog with MacGregor about
      reprinting it with the Caber Press and said MagGregor sounded
      interested in it.

      Jack Thompson doesn't have the MacGregor address either and
      while James had briefly discussed it with him, he had not been
      in touch with MacGregor about the copyright permissions.
      James had sent him the book dimensions and page numbers to ask
      if he could reprint it, which he can. If any of you have this
      address or can find it we would appreciate hearing of it.
      Jack is tcl@... .

      The last two books Jack and I collaborated on were English Medieval
      Chests and the very recent Ancient Locks and Keys (1883 with more
      recent contributions added by Jack and me (a bibliography)).
      Jack also sells a reprint of the French book on (historical)
      Leatherwork by de Recy and a translation from the Danish on
      (traditional) Tanning by Rahme. All are reasonably priced.

      Caber Press http://home.teleport.com/~tcl/CaberPress_web.pdf
      Thompson Conservation Lab - http://home.teleport.com/~tcl
      Jack Thompson
      7549 N. Fenwick
      Portland, Oregon 97217 USA
      503/735-3942 (ph/fax)

      Previously Norm Larson had reprinted The Mastermyr Find: A
      Viking Age Tool Chest from Gotland; with metal working tools
      woodworking tools and cooking equipment as well. $18.
      Likely a boat overturned in a bog lake which later turned into
      a meadow. They were discovered by a plow and are without
      doubt the best single tools find of the medieval era. I had
      looked for it for three years without success myself. I now
      have both the original book and the reprint. Norm's reprint
      was 2000 copies, and he secured permission shortly before
      Greta Arwidsson died. So it was lucky.

      Norm Larson Books,
      5426 E. Hwy 246, Lompoc, CA 93436.
      Fax 805-735-8367, Ph 800-743-4766
      Postage is $2 for first book
      plus $.50 for each additional book to a maximum of $5.00.

      If you have any information to add, or feel moved to contribute
      to Finnr's funeral expenses, please help. All the addresses are

      Master Magnus
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