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Re: My First Jack

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  • jhwhood
    Cool idea! THank you! ... proportions ... if ... overlap on ... bottoms ... the ... easy, if
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2002
      Cool idea! THank you!

      --- In medieval-leather@y..., Phlip <phlip@9...> wrote:
      > John Hood wrote:
      > > Just finished my first drinking jack. Not half bad
      > > for a first effort if I say so myself.
      > >
      > > I used a (I call it) a fork punch? Is that right? to
      > > create the stitch holes, then followed up with a
      > > simple lock stitch with a jerk needle. The bottom is a
      > > circle of leather, molded concave, simply by wet
      > > forming it to the bottom of a water glass and allowing
      > > to dry.
      > >
      > > The whole thing is pitched using the Jos. A Townsend
      > > brewer's pitch, which seems to be simply a clarified,
      > > distilled pine sap. The Jack is both water tight and
      > > slightly flexable. I smells vaguly of pine. I'm
      > > going to see how cold I have to get it before it
      > > cracks.
      > >
      > > So, How did I do? Can anyone recommend where I can
      > > get a copy of "Black-Jacks and drinking bottels?" or
      > > some other source for Jack patterns and research?
      > >
      > > FatJohn
      > Sounds like you did just fine ;-) As a suggestion for nice
      > for drinking jacks, you can get the waxed paper cups from fast food
      > places, invert them, and dismantle them and use them for a pattern,
      > you have a concern about how many ounces they will hold. The
      overlap on
      > the glued paper is just about what you need for a seam, and the
      > are simply circles slightly (1/8- 1/4 inch in radius) larger than
      > original lip of the cup. Not particularly period, but fast and
      easy, if
      > you don't have all your stuff with you.
      > Phlip
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