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  • James A. Howell
    ... BTW, ... just ... using ... using ... medieval-leather@egroups.com It s pretty informative. There is a fair amount of bombast and ultra narrow focus,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 1999
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      >Yee-ha! I'm there, man! I'll call them first chance I get tomorrow.
      >I think I am interested in the leather mailing list you mentioned. I
      >have too many questions about techniques and products and such. Such
      >as: I was reading a book on Islamic designs and patterns, and it was
      >an example from a leather book binding, on which had been block-printed
      >tannic acid.
      >Have you heard of anything like that, or know anyone who's tried
      >something similar?
      "medieval-leather@egroups.com" It's pretty informative. There
      is a fair amount of bombast and ultra narrow focus, but there's lots of
      helpful and knowledgable people and usually everyone gets along very
      I have heard of tannic acid being used as part of a process for
      dying leather black, as well as for making black ink. Supposedly, for
      vegetable tanned leather (which already contains the tannic acid) you
      dissolve iron filings in vinegar, and then use the liquid to dye the
      leather. The iron reacts with the tannins in the leather and produces a
      black oxide in the leather. That is why vegetable leather should always
      be stored with the grain rolled to the inside. And yes, this came to me
      from the leather worker's list.
      One bit of warning about Mid-Continent. They are a good company
      to do business with, friendly and helpful. However, they operate in the
      middle of the bible belt, and it shows. Their sale flyers are usually
      chock full of evangelical christian propoganda. I pretty much ignore it,
      but I thought I would warn you in case that sort of thing bothers you.
      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
      Regards, James

      >So many things to make, so little time...
      >Yours in service,
      >Violente de San Sebastiano de la Frontera
      >effecte, pulchre, simpliciter

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