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Re: [medieval-leather] Re: Embroidering Leather

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  • Diane Sawyer Dooley
    3 cm or 3mm? TAsha ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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      3 cm or 3mm?


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      >Looks like we're all headed in the same general direction. I'm luck enough to have a real 'finder' in my city [Toronto] - Capital Findings - so I too have a very wide selection of awl points and have never felt the need to use a brad. have used the needle noses to pull through needles though, which is why I buy packs of 20! And once you've pre-punched you can use nice blunt tipped needles if you like and never snag or cut your floss!
      >Yes, triangular pointed glover's needles will punch their own holes, but are meant for fine leather - chamois weight and lighter - where pre-punching hundreds of holes for a pair of gloves would be excessively tedious. I too pre-punch everything, so technically I 'stitch' rather than 'sewing'. And, yes, I've created perforated lines by stitching with holes too close together. very frustrating when the work rips apart immediately upon use! # cm spacing sounds about he closest I'd try to, but as Alric says, if you're gonna wind up adding a backing for strength, why not just do it on the backing anyway? My final two cents worth!

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