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[Fwd: regarding the leather rose thing]

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  • michael tartaglio
    ... Subject: regarding the leather rose thing Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 22:45:09 -0400 From: leigh tartaglio To:
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      Subject: regarding the leather rose thing
      Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 22:45:09 -0400
      From: leigh tartaglio <leigh@...>
      To: medieval-leather@yahoogroups.com

      Hi, All. As a matter of course, please let me remind you (Meg) that,
      just because a particular symbol, heraldic or otherwise, was present at
      a particular period of time, that does not allow license for it to
      appear in any medium, or in any circumstance. If I seem to be forward,
      let me first apologise, but I feel the need to make it clear that,
      because you have found a particular Mexican saddle that you like (and
      the work on it is superb, by the way..) that you can in any circumstance
      trace it back to a historical period beyond which it first appears. If
      I were doing the research, I would start by looking at early Spanish
      leatherwork on such items as medieval scabbards of swords and belts and
      some armors made of cuir boilli, and work up to 15th/16th C. adargas
      (shields, possibly of Moorish origin) and, even later, Cordovan wall
      hangings. You might also research other military hardware, such as 16th
      C. swordhangers (some of which are shown in illos on the med-leather
      site). In my experience (and, I assure you that it is not in any way
      extensive), you will see very little non-geometric artwork prior to the
      18th C., and by "geometric", I mean anything that is not symmetrical
      (the same, mirror imaged, left and right, not perfectly, but in overall
      context). I have seen spectacular leatherwork, in stamping, carving and
      embossing, all through the medieval and renaissance periods, but I
      haven't seen anything quite like your illos of the saddle in any of
      these earlier periods. All of this said, good luck with your search.
      Cheers, Mike T.

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