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[Fwd: Worlds biggest silver hoard! & Viking News]

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    ... Subject: Worlds biggest silver hoard! Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 17:11:59 UT From: Dan Carlsson To: vikingHistory@arkeodok.com Dear Viking
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      Subject: Worlds biggest silver hoard!
      Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 17:11:59 UT
      From: Dan Carlsson <info@...>
      To: vikingHistory@...

      Dear Viking friends,
      As you might know, a few years ago, the worlds biggest silver hoard ever
      found came to light in northern Gotland, Sweden. Or, actually, there
      were two hoards just 3 metres apart. And interesting enough, there was
      even a bronze hoard of some 20 kilos of bronze artefacts, mainly from
      the Baltic states and Russia.

      The two silver hoard weighted some 67 kilos together. They consisted of
      some 14 200 coins (Arabic coins mainly from 9th century plus some coins
      from Greece), some 400 arm rings of a typical Gotlandic style and some
      broken pieces of jewellery. The hoards were found in a house from Viking

      In all, there are some 700 silver hoards found on this tiny island, and
      that is about 2/3 of all hoards from Sweden. Almost every farm on
      Gotland has a silver hoard, and we are more an more convinced that every
      farm in the Viking Age had at least one hoard, probably several from
      different times. Sometimes it looks as if every generation at the farm
      had its own silver hoard.

      The hoards are almost always situated inside houses, just under the
      floor, or at the floor in a box or something like that, and silver was
      used in the daily life at markets etc. Remember, they didn't go for the
      value of the coin, but for the value of the silver. That is why they
      always used balance scales and weights, things that we always find in
      our excavations.

      The reasons behind the huge amount of silver have been very much
      debated, but today, we are pretty sure it is the result of a well done

      There is of course very much more to say about these silver hoards from
      our tiny island. But for your amusement, please have a look at some
      photos from the excavation of the hoards at;

      Best regards
      Dan Carlsson
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      Subject: Viking News
      Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 14:38:18 UT
      From: Dan Carlsson <info@...>
      To: VikingHistory@...

      Dear Viking Friends,
      So, into a new year! Still winter up here in the north (Sweden), but the
      days are a bit longer every day that passes. Really looking forward when
      the snow is gone and you once again will be able to visit the landscape
      of Gotland, and the traces of Viking History.

      We have now, finally, finished the excavation at the Viking Age port of
      trade at Fröjel, Gotland, at least for the moment being
      (http://www.hgo.se/frojel/). I have decieded that now is the time to
      start writting about all what we have been excavating during the last 10
      years or more. It will probably take me some years to have it all done,
      but I finally decieded that now is the tíme.

      The first part of publication will be about some hundred graves that we
      have been excavating. I will have the book in English, and I will put a
      lot of effort at displaying by photos and drawings about the artifacts,
      and how they were used. I hope to be able to have it finished towards
      the end of this year.

      At the moment, I am writting a guidebook about Gotland Viking Island. It
      will be a Swedish version hopefully ready for coming summer, and an
      English version towards the end of the year.

      About Frojel, there is a fascinating study carried out by two
      researchers about a work shop, and they have found out that there has
      been a skillful work of silver (you can download the article here

      In the meantime, waiting for the results of our studies, you can always
      buy the new and interesting guide book about Viking Heritage around the
      Baltic Sea (Book B11 at; http://www.arkeodok.com/Books.html).

      Best regards
      Dan Carlsson
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