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Re: [medieval-leather] Irish Book Satchels

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  • R Schooley
    ... hand ... in minute ... Spainish ... for the ... That certainly makes sense and I was inclined to go more with Water s description in that article because
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      --- Ron Charlotte <ronch2@...> wrote:
      > Based on Mr Waterer's 1968 article from _Medieval
      > Archaeology_ Volume 12. I'm inclined to go with the
      > tooling. James Waterer got to examine these items
      in minute
      > detail, and had studied enough of the pressed/molded
      > Leather" technique that he wouldn't likely pass one
      for the
      > other.

      That certainly makes sense and I was inclined to go
      more with Water's description in that article because
      he got to handle the satchels and knew leatherwork.

      > My copies of the photos are pretty clear, and the
      > imperfections and asymmetries in the tooling make me
      think it's
      > handwork. Given the years of handling and
      preservation, it's
      > hard to be absolutely sure, but I don't think that
      there was
      > incision work used in this tooling.

      Thank you, that helps me quite a bit since I'm not
      able to see that much detail in the copies of the
      pictures that I have.


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