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9942Re: [medieval-leather] rabbit glue?

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  • Ron Charlotte
    Jan 4, 2005
      At 06:39 AM 1/4/2005, T Goatwrote:
      >Thanks, Anna, that's interesting!
      >But back to my original query, reworded: is anyone
      >here aware of the use of rabbit hide glue as a
      >leather-hardening agent? I'm a shoemaker; stiffer
      >leather is not to my advantage very often, so I'm
      >rather out of my depth.
      >--- Anna Troy <owly3@...> wrote:
      > > That's Rabbit HIDE glue What I know about it is
      > > that it was a common ingridient when making
      > > gesso(gilding base) for manuscript illuminations

      The only reference I recall is in Cennini's _The Craftsman's Handbook_
      (ISBN0-486-20054-X) the chapter on making crests he says to take the size
      used for making gesso, and size the leather two or three times before
      applying gesso to the molded leather.

      Ron Charlotte -- Gainesville, FL
      ronch2@... OR afn03234@...
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