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9873linings and hose

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  • demaigne
    Nov 3, 2004
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      Let me first express my thanks to those who responded with their
      thoughts on pattern materials. I'm sorry I haven't thanked you
      earlier--I read the responses as soon as they were up, and then I
      started playing with felt.

      What I wonder now is: how often, if ever, were shoes made with
      linings? I was looking at a miserable attempt of mine from a few
      years ago , and wondered if the shoes might have been more comfortable
      if I used felt on the inside of the leather as a lining. Was lining
      used during the medieval period? I'm not really talking about
      stuffing the shoes with ... stuff. I mean attaching a softer or more,
      I don't know, pleasant material to the inside of a shoe. I understand
      (believe?) that we don't really have access to the kind of tanning
      used during the period, so we don't really know what that leather felt
      like, and maybe it's just because I'm so coddled in the modern world
      that I sometimes find just leather a little uncomfortable. If linings
      were used, do we know about them--I assume they would have broken down
      over time more quickly than the leather. Maybe there would be
      something in art from the period...?
      Or was there no need of lining, because of the use of hose? Do we
      have a date or dates for the advent of the use of hose? Do we have
      patterns based on finds? (I ask this last part sheepishly--I haven't
      gone to Marc's site where I could probably find just what I wondered.)

      Thanks for letting me prate away.

      de Maigne