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9514Re: scabbard questions

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  • ren_junkie
    May 5, 2004
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      I know what the scabbard tips are made of, but I don't have the
      knowledge, skill set or equipment to make one. I'm just trying to find
      some I can buy.

      I didn't know a metal throat had anything to do with staying in its
      frog or hanger. The scabbard I made, and all the soft leather ones
      I've seen are throatless (ok, I have my shortsword scabbard with a
      leather throat, but that's just because the scabbard has no stitching,
      and the blade is thicker than my welt...first one i made...lol). I
      just want the throat for looks. There may not be any surviving rapier
      scabbards showing a metal throat, but they way tastes vary, it's possible.

      Besides, I love to hear the singing as I draw it...lol

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