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9169Metalsmiths' Symposium 3 - Calling for Teachers!

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  • Corwyn and Carowyn
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Greetings and Salutations to all the lists!

      (I apologize if you get this message more than once.)

      I am one of the Class Co-Ordinators for the event Metalsmiths' Symposium
      3, which will be held in the Shire of Montevale at Camp Sinoquipe (about
      an hour and a half east of Harrisburg, PA). It will be held November
      12-14, 2004. This is an event by metalsmiths, for metalsmiths (and their
      widow/ers!), and for anyone who works with metal!

      I am looking for people who would like to teach classes, including some
      of the more unusual classes - how to make gold foil for the illuminators,
      how to make gold-wrapped thread for the embroiderers, etc. Is there a
      class you'd like to see? Please contact me, and we'll see who we can
      find! Even if you're not sure you want to do a full-fledged class, we
      urge you strongly to do a demo! (I learned a *lot* from the sandcasting
      demo I took at the end of MSS2, and we had a blast!)

      There will be three major tracks of classes: forging (blacksmithing, cold
      forging of armor, etc.), casting (lost wax, pewter, sand, flask, bronze,
      metal smelting, etc.), and jewelry (cutting, soldering, riveting,
      etching, etc.) There will also be linked series of classes, where you
      can forge your own dinnerware by the end of the day, or learn etching /
      enameling / riveting / pennanular making / etc, and by the end of the day
      you'll have something that looks like the Tara brooch! You can take one,
      or more, or all the classes in a series!

      There will also be a series of classes for the glass people - glass beads
      (newcomer to advanced), and stained glass windows, and if I can find
      someone, glass smelting!

      There will be non-metal classes for the forge widows and widowers, and
      there will be children's activities away from the forges, and the East
      Kingdom Herbalist and Apothecaries' Guild will have a track of classes
      (herbal hot packs, herbal bruise cream, herbal burn creams - do you
      detect a pattern? ;-) We didn't need them for the first two MSS's, so
      it's more an exercise than a necessity!) I'm also looking for a chandler
      track, a potter track, and a dye track - we have a fire friendly site, so
      let's use it!

      If you know people who would be interested, let them know! Master Cahan
      Kyle is the Autocrat for the event, but the Shire of Silver Rylle will be
      assisting - an event this spiffy needs more than one shire! ;-)

      Questions or comments about classes, please contact me! I'll share them
      with my fellow Class Co-Ordinators (Corwyn Ravenwing, Necthan MacYwar),
      and we'll incorporate as much as possible!

      -Carowyn Silveroak

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