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  • Ron Charlotte
    Feb 1, 2004
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      At 12:59 AM 2/2/04 +0000, Marc wrote:
      >--- In medieval-leather@yahoogroups.com, Ron Charlotte <ronch2@b...>
      > > At 03:05 AM 2/1/04 -0500, Peter Adams wrote:
      > >> I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I found pine
      > >> pitch available at
      > ><<http://www.naturallist.com/pinesap.htm>http://www.naturallist.com/pines
      > ap.htm>http://www.naturallist.com/pinesap.htm
      > >>It seems rather
      > >>expensive however.
      > > That's because it's being sold as "edible" grade, I suspect. I
      > > wonder if the rosin might not be more along the lines of what's
      > > needed for making a sealer. What everyone is chasing seems more
      > > along the lines of a heavy varnish with a degree of flexibility.
      >This is why I made the comments about what people mean when they refer
      >to "pitch", the stuff being sold at this site is not what is
      >traditionally referred to as "pitch" in the historical shoemaking and
      >leatherworking literature. What they are selling on this site looks
      >to be some form of unrefined resin/rosin (as a guess from the
      >description and picture).

      This now has me curious enough to try some tinkering. I live in an area
      that was once a turpentine plantation, so most of the local pines are the
      correct type, there are also enough horse people locally, that pine tar and
      venice turpentine are readily available. I've a major metalworking demo
      coming up (It's where I make most of my year's supply of generic findings),
      but after that I will have time to experiment.

      Ron Charlotte -- Gainesville, FL
      ronch2@... OR afn03234@...

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