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  • rmhowe
    Jan 2, 2004
      Saturday Jan 3rd at 7 pm e.s.time. History Channel.
      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives begins.

      7-7:30pm Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      The Knight

      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      The Monk
      Apparently no repeats that night but I'm thinking they
      mistyped the webpage as the routine is generally repeats
      three hours later.

      The next morning will be A History of Britain:
      The Beginnings from 7-8am e.s.t. This is the
      morning 'school' show for teachers to copy and use
      for a while.

      Friday, January 9 8-9am
      Secret Passages: Castles and Palaces
      repeats: Friday, January 9 2 - 3pm

      Saturday, January 10 7-7:30pm
      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      The King
      Saturday, January 10 7:30-8pm
      Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
      The "Damsel"

      On the 18th 8 est/9 central new Barbarians programs are
      supposed to play on the same channel.
      Vikings, Goths, Mongols and Huns.
      Since they are only doing half month webpages now
      I can't check that one yet. It's been being advertised.

      Beware the A&E network, it has been infected with
      the HTTP_PERL_OVERFLOW attack and has tried to
      download it from the store website on me twice
      in the last few weeks. Comes from
      Use a firewall if you go there.

      I'm not saying it's great TV but new (to us).

      Master Magnus, OL [SCA], Regia.org, Manx, GDH

      Please do not repost to usenet newsgroups like the
      Rialto (rec.org.sca). Your local group elist or
      friends are fine. I get enough spam and attempted
      hacks as it is. This is a service. I don't need
      additional aggravation please.