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8580Re: long sax sheath

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  • lalalalalalalaau
    Nov 3, 2003
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      > This is what I'm trying to figure out :) I was under the impression
      > they were folded over the edge of the blade and rivited down the
      back of
      > the blade.

      I'm aware of some leather sheaths that appear to have had a strip of
      bronze/brass folded over the edge only (not the back), and then
      rivetted along the edge - eg. the tooled leather sheath found at York
      (I believe this was found without the metal strip, but with holes and
      markings suggesting rivets and a strip. There are more sources on
      this type of thing - someone on this list must have them handy!).
      This should not be a problem with a straight edge. The leather is
      simply folded over the back of the blade. This would cause
      difficulties with the angle towards the tip, but careful shaping,
      soaking and stretching over the blade can sometimes overcome this -
      otherwise, I'd probably take out a dart and edge-edge stitch it to
      conceal the stitching (this is starting to enter the realms of
      speculation rather than reconstruction ...).

      The difficulty I found with my sheath is that the brass I used was
      too thin and soft - the sheath bends too easily if I sit the wrong
      way, and starts to develop wrinkles as a result of bending and being
      bent back. This can be overcome by riveting multiple smaller strips
      in a line instead of one long strip - the scabbard is therefore
      flexible. I believe there is some evidence of this to the east, but
      again, I concede that I do not have sufficient resources to hand.

      ... And one other thing ... don't drill the holes in the brass strip
      while the blade is in the sheath ...

      Michael B
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