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8130Re: [medieval-leather] Swordbelt

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  • Scott Szakonyi
    Aug 1, 2003
      Hey Jon,
      I know I am probably just particularly dense, but I can't get a picture of this in my head from your description.  Is there any way I could persuade you to inconvenience yourself by post a picture to the group archives?  Thanks!

      Jonathan T Getty <jtg0@...> wrote:

      I got to examine a few very nice ones at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow
      last year. The basic design is a bi or tripartite panel with straps made
      by extending the body downward into the straps; the straps attach either
      to a separate buckle strap, or on a slider (tongueless buckle). I have
      plenty of pictures of these, but you can probably find plenty of period
      portraits. The overall shape of the 9-buckle hanger I just carved is a
      tripartite bell, 7" high (excluding straps and hook) and 7" wide.

      They usually have a hook on the top of the hanger that attaches just
      behind the left hip, to a mount on the belt. Another strap across the
      backside of the hanger crosses the body and attaches to the belt (another
      hook and mount) a little right of center or at the right hip. Also note
      that these weren't necessarily made out of leather... of the three I saw,
      one was all fabric, one was embroidered silk over leather, and the third
      was two layers of leather, pinked to exposed a fabric layer.


      On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, ren_junkie wrote:

      > Hey all. I was wondering if anyone knows of where i can get a pattern
      > or plan for an Elizabethan rapier hanger. I'm not looking for a
      > fantasy version of one, I need the most histroically accurate plans I
      > can get my mitts on. All help is appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Christopher

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