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7986Re: Just joined - questions

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  • Marc Carlson
    Jun 1, 2003
      --- In medieval-leather@yahoogroups.com, Ron Charlotte <ronch2@b...>
      > There is a hidden knot technique where one creates an overhand knot
      > with an extra loop (like the second pass of a "surgeon's knot) on a
      > backstitch, followed by one last back stitch to tuck the ends. The
      > actual knot gets pulled into the center of the layers of leather.
      > It's kind of hard to describe, I may see if I can do it with
      > photography. Once you actually _see_ it done, it's very easy to
      > follow; it's just difficult to describe in text. About the only
      > time I bother is for stuff that takes heavy abuse.

      This sounds like a variation of the "half cast" stitch. There you
      take the thread coming out of the hole and run it around the loop
      going in to the hole (obviously while doing a saddle/shoemaking
      stitch), creating half of a square knot inside the hole. If you do
      this on both sides of a hole, I -think- it's called a full cast
      stitch, and if you do it for the last few stitches of a seam, you
      don't need to back stitch.

      Back stitching's good though.

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