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7983Re: Just joined - questions

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  • Ken Whapples
    Jun 1, 2003
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      Hi Phil,
      I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can ....... When I was taught at college to do belts you back stitch the last few stitches sometimes four or five times. You then then feed the last of the threat through a hole with your awl (Very carefully ! Never used knots in Saddlery old chum, wouldn't know how to tie them off either.
      I was told that there was not art to doing Saddlery. It's all about technique and practice.
      Sounds to my limited experience as though you didn't use enough wax. As I have found out recently, in shoe making / Soft leather items the techniques are very different.  
      I assume that "Whip Stitch" is something that the Americans use a lot of, which I think is over the top of the two ends.  ? 
      I was taught to use glass to fuse the edges together then use a Hard wood "Rubbing Stick" and sealent or glue / dye as it is sometimes called.
      I could show you if you were to go to Wychurst (Anglo-Saxon Village being constructed in a field 5 miles from Canterbury in Kent) in August.
      These I think are relatively modern techniques, but, they work. There seems to be little around on Anglo-Saxon Leatherwork and I believe the only book there seems to be is by Esther A, Cameron called "Sheaths and Scabbards in England AD400-1100.
      Hope this helps ? If I can help in any other way mate you can e-mail me off line and I'll do my best.
      westu hal,
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