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  • phil2co
    Jun 1, 2003

      I've just joined this group. I live in Hertfordshire just outside
      London England and I belong to Angelcynn, a living history group
      specialising in early Saxon period.

      I'm new to leatherwork but so far I've made 3 pairs of late Roman/
      early saxon open sandals and a pair of one piece turned shoes plus
      belts and a wallet for carrying tools etc when at an event.

      A few questions if you don't mind - sorry they're very basic but
      these are the problems I have at the moment.

      1. What sort of knot do you use to tie off thread when stitching?
      (I said they were basic) When I'm saddle stitching between two pieces
      I can hide my knots but on, say the back of a belt, they tend to be
      more obvious. I tie a basic reef knot but they come out a bit big and
      not terribly secure. A description of a knot or a link to picture(s)
      would be good.

      2. I tried decorative stitching on a belt - basically whip stitch
      down the edges - but my linen thread kept blooming - bits of stray
      fibre all over the place. I waxed the thread first (although perhaps
      not enough?) so any suggestions while I dont get a nice solid thread
      for my stitches?

      That's it for now.
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